5 Badass Grandmas You Wish Were Yours

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Grandmas. Oh, grandmas. They’re like an entirely different species. Some are sassy, some are fierce, some are sweet and some are super hip. Some rap, some fight cops and some beat the heck out of their grandkids. Grandmas are awesome, aren’t they?

We’ve collect 5 of the best grandmas found across the Internet that will definitely make you wish they were yours… Or the complete opposite.

Either way, go give your grams a hug and a kiss… Because time is short and grandmas are badass.

Grandma Ain’t About The Law
Some grandmas bake cookies… And some beat up officers. To each their own.

WorldstarHipHop Video

Grandma Sends Blows for a Smoke
Eh! She needs a smoke! Can you blame her? Geez. I need a couple after watching this video.

YouTube / mescott1981 Video

Grandma Wants the Baby
Wait a second… This is just a trailer for a show?! Man, I need to see this whole entire episode!

YouTube / Lifetime Video

Grandma Bugging
This grandma doesn’t let a little rain pour down on her swings.

YouTube / Antoine Titre Video

The Angry Grandma and Grandpa
Oh, the infamous Angry Grandpa. Well, his wife isn’t any different. This is what happens when you’ve been married for years. And it’s all over an Elvis painting that they got at a garage sale.

YouTube / AngryGrandpaVault Video


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