Baby Mommas Gone Wild (#4 is wildin’ out)

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Baby mommmas, mother of the child, mommy, mum – whatever you want to call it, they’re awesome. They’re even better when they get angry and fight their ex (or current) lovers. While we don’t condone violence, it sure is entertaining to watch when people get it on camera.

…But don’t go out fighting people just for the sake of appearing on this site. That just wouldn’t be good.

#1 Ooh, She Mad
Not the car… No…. Not the car. I don’t know what this guy did but shewwwww, I’m glad I’m not him.

YouTube / will4realfamily1st Video

#2 She’s Confused
“You’re going to jail,” she says. Nope. I think you’re the one going to jail, lady.

YouTube / EbayEveryDay Video

#3 Murder Ain’t Cool
Okay, this takes baby momma drama to a whole new level!

YouTube / Today on the Internet Video

#4 He Lost His Teeth
I don’t know who Nicki Renay is, but I’m happy I’m not her right about now! All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeth!

WorldstarHipHop Video

#5 Cray Cray
I don’t even know what to say, other than this girl is crayyyyyyy!

YouTube / Turon83’s channel Video


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