This Guy Scaled the Trump Tower and Left an Eery Message Behind

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By now, you’ve probably heard about the guy who scaled the Trump tower recently. Workers had to remove the glass from the windows above him, to make him unable to climb any higher. Clearly, the climber is totally insane. Oh, and did we mention that he doesn’t have any rope holding him up incase he falls? Oh yeah.

Now, that’s a big cliff hanger. It’s like watching a bad accident.

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Donald Trump Speeches & Events 2.0 Video

Here’s the weird thing. Dude records some super creepy video before taking to the tower. I think this gives me goosebumps more than that damn climb.

WorldStarHipHop Video

You know what they say, crazy people attract crazy people and this guy climbing the trump tower certainly isn’t sane…. Much like the owner of the building himself.


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